Greenman Arth is part of the Greenman Group who is a recognised specialist operator of food dominated retail properties. The Group operates Greenman OPEN, Germany’s largest specialist supermarket and essential retail real estate fund with an AUM of €1.05bn. GMA will leverage the Group’s experience, counterparty relationships, digital infrastructure platform and proprietary data.

  • €1.05bn

    Gross Asset Value (GAV)

  • €50m

    Annual Rental Income

  • 8.6 yrs


  • 96%


  • 80%

    Essential Retail

Greenman OPEN Portfolio by Tenant Sector


Greenman Arth focuses on 6 key pillars:


Income Generation

Greenman Arth’s sole investment focus is the creation of consistent annual income for our investors. Greenman Arth has developed a proven investment model which is designed to generate investor income from the purchase, operation and sale of retail anchored real estate.


Our investment policies, corporate structures and fee arrangements are all designed to maximise the conversion of tenant rent obligations into predictable and consistent long-term investor distributions.


Food Retailers

Greenman Arth only invests in real estate that has leading supermarket chains as anchor tenants who, in combination with other essential retailers, pay a large percentage of that property’s rental income.


Sector Speciality

Greenman Arth only acquires one asset type – food anchored retail parks, retail warehouses and standalone food retail.


The properties are in locations where the catchment area’s population demographics are sufficiently robust to support our tenant’s concepts for the long-term. Typically the properties are located in suburban areas, are constructed to specifications determined by the tenants who occupy them, are frequently visited daily by local consumers to purchase essential items and transact at yields materially higher than shopping centres or high street properties.


Operational Control

GMA provides asset and operational functions, including daily management activities, throughout the AIFs corporate structures. The control and oversight over all operational processes gives the team a 360-degree view of centre and tenant performance and builds strong, long lasting relationships with our key tenants.


The in-house integration of services also ensures processes are managed quickly and efficiently. It allows the team to respond to tenant issues, early market and retail trend indicators and investor queries without delay.


This hands-on approach allows GMA to accumulate a significant body of proprietary data, market knowledge and trend awareness that gives our funds an invaluable competitive advantage.


WARLT Maintenance

GMA focus on generating income for the long term. As such, the team focus their asset management priorities towards encouraging tenants to use their extension options at early stages in their lease cycles, ensuring we retain rental income for the long term. By maintaining a property’s weighted average remaining lease term (WARLT), we also protect its long-term value, marketability and exit possibilities.


Sustainable Debt

Greenman Arth only secures debt which is sustainable, with consideration to the property, its tenants WARLT and ownership strategy for the long term. Conservative debt planning is a core constituent of our investment strategies and typically our funds have debt policies with low LTVs. Low LTVs also provide operational flexibility, low finance costs, access to a large number of lenders and market visibility.

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