Replay – Webinar Q3 2023 Results

Replay – Webinar Q3 2023 Results

Watch the replay of the Q3 2023 results webinar below.

For those who couldn’t participate, here’s a friendly summary of the discussed points:

Financial Results and Portfolio 📈:
We delved into the detailed analysis of third-quarter financial results and the performance of our portfolio. Specific figures can be found in the latest Quarterly Bulletin, available at the bottom of the page.

Economic Overview of France and Germany 🌍:
A comprehensive analysis of the economic situation in France and Germany was presented, highlighting inflation, GDP, and household consumption in the third quarter. These data confirm the robustness of our strategy. 📊

News from the Grocery Retail Sector 🛒:
We addressed market consolidation in the third quarter, showcasing the strong results of major players in France, such as Carrefour, our primary tenant. These results contribute to the stability of our portfolio.

Commercial Real Estate Investment 🏢:
Despite a volume decrease, we emphasized the persistence of an investment pipeline in food retail real estate. Acquisition opportunities remain within reach.

Q&A Session ❓:
The Q&A session was lively and dynamic, demonstrating the growing interest of our investors and partners. Your insightful questions are always welcome.

We are delighted to share this information with you, showcasing our commitment to the trust you place in us, which is our greatest motivation.

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Looking forward to reconnecting with you at our next webinar!